Spacious Suites

Each suite at Tiffany Towers features a balcony, floor to ceiling windows, modern appliances, large closets and central air conditioning. Utilities are included and digital TV/High speed internet is available.

  • " Excellent service from on-site management "

    We enjoy living at Tiffany Towers because the on-site manager provides excellent service. Repairs are done quickly if necessary, and the building is well maintained. We have been residents for over 15 years and looking forward to staying for many more years.
  • " I feel safe and secure!! "


    I have lived in Tiffany Towers for over five years now and I cannot express enough gratitude to the on-site caretaking staff for all they are doing to keep their tenants safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have always maintained the building to impeccable standards, but even more so now, as the cleaning and disinfecting takes place several…

  • " We are so lucky to have Stefan in the building "


    I just want to sing Stefan’s praise again. This morning I called Stefan and told him I had a leak under my kitchen sink, twenty minutes later he was here, and fifteen minutes after that he had replaced the part and was gone. We are so lucky to have him in the building. I also want to thank Shindico…

  • " Stefan is amazing "


    I so appreciate all his help over the last 5 years. I know I have been spoilt and will be hard without that same day assistance

  • " Thank you so much for your service "


    My parent’s time at Tiffany Towers was great, in no small part by how your commitment to the tenants shines through. My folks were always quick to praise you and your support. Having lived in houses for so many years, it was a great adjustment to apartment living and they settled into Tiffany Tower immediately.

  • " Tiffany Towers is a nice and well run building "


    I am very pleased with my dealings with management. Everything is handled promptly and so well, I really appreciated everything they do.

  • " A great place to live "


    The management is great, our neighbours are very kind and friendly and we’re right across from well-known stores and restaurants.

  • " To us this is home! "

    M. M.

    We are happy here. We have a sunny and cozy apartment. The building is safe and clean and in one of the most beautiful areas of Winnipeg.

  • " I really enjoy living here "


    The on-site caretakers continuously keep everything running smoothly and always have time for a smile and a hello. Moving here was a great decision and Shindico made it effortless!!

  • " An ideal location to meet your needs "


    Tiffany Towers is an ideal location for whatever your needs may be. Grant Park Mall is right across the street for one stop shopping, or if you choose to venture out, there is a bus stop right in front of the building.

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